Computer networks
Network operating systems

Network technologies

On a site interaction of local and global networks at all levels is described. The review of popular technical and software solutions for WWW contains. Also questions of functioning of various network services and services (by DNS, WINS, DHCP) are taken up. The set of useful recommendations which will be interesting both to professionals, and beginners is given.

Network operating systems
Windows NT/2000 role in the market of operating systems
Commercial Windows NT/2000 options
Service packages
When it is necessary to replace the version
Review of an operating system
Components of a mode of a kernel
Manager of objects
Monitor of control of access
Manager of processes
Manager of virtual memory
Means of a local call of procedures
Manager of input-output
Manager of windows
Components of a mode of the user
Win32 subsystem
DOS/Win16 subsystem
OS/2 subsystem
POSIX subsystem
Exception of subsystems
File system
Why FAT is necessary?
Creation of the disks NTFS
System register
Control panel
Editor of system policy
Editors of the register
Network architecture of Windows NT
NDIS interface
Interface of the transport driver
Workstation service
Multiple UNC provider
Multi-Provider Router
Server service
Windows Sockets
Gateway service for NetWare
Microsoft DHCP server
Service WINS
Microsoft DNS server
Server of routing and remote access
The distributed file system
Information server of the Internet
Service of distribution of loading
Server of clusters of Microsoft
System of safety of Windows NT
Architecture of system of safety of Windows NT
Domains and safety
Accounts of users
Global and local groups
Windows 2000
Active Directory
Microsoft Management Console
System of safety of Windows 2000
Use of open keys
Smart cards
IP Security Protocol
Security Configuration and Analysis utility
Quality of service
Translation of network addresses
Features of file system
Novell NetWare
NetWare role in the OS market
NetWare versions
NetWare 2.x
NetWare 3.x
NetWare 4.x
intra NetWare
NetWare 4.2
NetWare 5
NetWare installation
Drivers of disks
Drivers of network adapters and protocols
Creation of NCF files
NetWare updatings
Subsystem of storage of information of NetWare
Blocks of distribution of a disk
Improvements of file system NetWare 4.x
Novell Storage Services
UNIX principles
Architecture of UNIX
UNIX versions
UNIX System V
Sun Solaris
UNIX network organization
Teams of remote management
Berkeley teams
Network file system NFS
The network organization by a principle the client/server
Network clients
Network clients of Windows
Network architecture of Windows
NDIS drivers
Drivers of protocols
Services of clients
Versions of clients of Windows
Microsoft Client 3.0 for MS-DOS
The client for Windows for Workgroups
Client of Windows 95/98
Client of Windows NT/2000
Clients of NetWare
NetWare and 16-digit Windows versions
NetWare and Windows 95/98
The client of Microsoft for the NetWare networks
The client of Novell for Windows 95/98
NetWare and Windows NT/2000
Service of the client of Microsoft for NetWare
Service of a lock of Microsoft for NetWare
The client of Novell for Windows NT
Clients of Macintosh
Accession of Macintosh systems to the Windows networks
Use of the Microsoft services for Macintosh
Clients of Macintosh of foreign firms
Connection of Macintosh systems with NetWare
NetWare for Macintosh use
Use of the client of NetWare for MacOS
Clients of UNIX
DHCP protocol
DHCP origin
RARP protocol
Protocol ВООТР
Purposes DHCP
Purpose of IP addresses
Configuration of the client of TCP/IP
Architecture of DHCP
DHCP package structure
Options DHCP
Other configuration options
Exchange of DHCP messages
License updating
Address release
Agents repeaters
DHCP realization
Microsoft DHCP Server
Creation of ranges
Server transfers to the client
Client utilities of Microsoft
Support of options by clients
Time of action of the license DHCP
DHCP server reassignment
DHCP service
Windows 2000 and DHCP
New options DHCP
WINS and permission of the names NetBIOS
Names NetBIOS
Registration of the names LMHOSTS
Registration of the names WINS
Calls of the names WINS
Methods of permission of names
Permission of the names LMHOSTS
Permission of names with use of broadcasting messages
Permission of the names WINS
WINS and viewing of an internal network
Types of knots
Types of the Microsoft hubs
Task of types of knots
Formats of messages of NetBT
Inquiry section
Section of record on a resource
Transaction example
LMHOSTS file use
Use of broadcasting messages
WINS use
WINS proxy systems
System of domain names
Tables of hosts
Problems of the table of hosts
Purposes DNS
Creation of domain names
Domains of the top level
The conflicts connected with the com domain
Patrimonial domains of the top level
Domains with the country coding
Domains of the second level
DNS functions
Records about resources
Permission of the names DNS
Inquiries of DNS
Root servers of names
Permission of a domain name
Caching of DNS servers
Loading distribution in DNS
Return permission of names
Registration of the names DNS
Zonal transfer
DNS messages
Section Header
Section Question
Record of messages of DNS
Messages of permission of names
Detection of the root server of names
Messages of zonal transfer
Service DNS organization
External sources of the services DNS
Creation of own DNS servers
Novell directory service
Architecture of NDS
Containers and leaves
Objects and properties
Giving of names to objects of NDS
Context use
Names with the instruction such as object and without the indication of type
Use of determinants of a context
Sections and remarks
NDS synchronization
Design of a tree of NDS
Rules of design of a tree
Geographical division
Division according to departments
Division according to physical topology of a network
Tree balancing
Tree creation
Agreements on names of objects
The relations between objects
Equivalents of safety and organizational roles
Transfer of base of registration data
Safety in NDS
Inheritance of the rights
Filters of the inherited rights
Effective rights
Windows NT domains
Controlers of domains
Judgment of process of replication
Change of parameters of replication
Confidential relations
Creation of the confidential relations
Organization of the confidential relations
Model with one main domain
Model with a set of the main domains
Viewing of the confidential relations
Connection to a network
Detection of the controler of the domain
Through authentification
Choice of a directory service of Windows NT
Service Active Directory
Architecture of Active Directory
Types of objects
Giving to objects of names
Domains, trees and woods
DNS and Active Directory
Server of the global catalog
Active Directory expansion
Replication of catalogs
Synchronization of data with several masters
Replication in area
Replication out of area
Creation and configuration of areas
Active Directory design
Giving to objects of names
Transition with Windows NT
Active Directory management
Expansion of servers of the Internet
Web servers
Why own Web servers are necessary?
Web server choice
Platforms of Web servers
Web server functions
The unified index of information resource
Information registration
Remote administration
Virtual catalogs
Support of numerous sites
HTTP inquiries
Headings HTTP
Fields of headings of inquiry
Fields of headings of the answer
HTTP answers
Information codes
Codes of a successful conclusion of operation
Redirection codes
Codes of mistakes of the client
Codes of errors of the server
Exchange of HTTP messages
FTP servers
FTP teams
Teams of management of access
Teams of parameters of transfer
FTP service teams
Codes of answers of FTP
FTP protocol messages
Network press
Problems of the network press
Buffering of tasks of the press
Connection of printers
Choice of printers
Choice of an operating system
Choice of print servers
Administration of printers
Network press of Windows
Process of the press of Windows
Configuration of Windows printers
Use of pools of printers
Installation of additional drivers of the printer
Creation of the schedule and installation of priorities of printers
Protection of printers
Network press of NetWare
The distributed service of the press of Novell
NetWare printer configuration
Network press of UNIX
Internet access organization
Choice of service provider of the Internet
Connection by means of the modem
DSL If you are not interested in business VoIP , then you have already missed a lot.
Cable modems
The allocated lines
Switching of shots
Requirements to capacity of connection
Web surfing
Usenet news
Web site and FTP hosting
Internet services
IP addresses
Post servers
Servers of teleconferences
Web hosting
Internet routers
Program routers
Translation of network addresses
Hardware routers
The requirements shown to the client
Gateway protection
Filtration of packages
Proxy servers
Locks of level of the channel
Association of technologies of gateway protection
Administration of the Windows networks
Placement of appendices and data
Placement of an operating system on the server
Placement of appendices on the server
Storage of working files
Control of a configuration of the workstation
Profiles of users
Creation of moved profiles
Creation of obligatory profiles
Replication of profiles
Creation of a network profile of the user by default
Control of the register of the workstation
Templates of system policy
Files of system policy
Determination of values of rules of policy
Restriction of activity of the workstation by means of system policy
Application of system policy
Remote editing of the register
Group rules of policy of Windows 2000
Initiative of zero administration of Microsoft for Windows
ZAK components
Means of detection of malfunctions and management of a network
Inspector of a network
Web Administrator
TCP/IP utilities
Network analyzers
Filtration of data
Traffic analysis
Analysis of protocols
Cable testers
Network management
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