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Objects and properties

Types of the objects included by default in NetWare 4.x, their functions and pictograms in NetWare Administrator are listed in tab. 21.1. These objects can be created right after the NetWare installation by means of utilities of management of NDS.

As an example of expansibility of NDS the software package of the client of Novell of the current version, delivered together with ZENworks Starter Pack which includes Novell Application Launcher and Workstation Manager can act. Both these appendices contain extensions of the scheme which add the new types of objects listed in tab. 21.2.

The scheme also defines properties for each type of objects of the NDS base which depend on object functions. Some properties are necessary, that is the object should have surely for them a preset value while others are insignificant and allow to leave them empty. Properties of object bear information which gets to one of four categories.

* Names. Each object should have a name to which it is presented in NDS tree. Some other properties can give fuller information on a name, such as a full user name (for example, John Doe).

* Addresses. The objects representing hardware components, such as servers and printers, can have network addresses. Postal addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information are unessential properties which can be useful to users and the personnel, but managers often pass them.

* Descriptions. Information properties can not have technical functions, nevertheless, time spent for their filling (for example to provide information on type of the equipment which represents object, or about its exact location) can reduce considerably an overhead charge for support of network resources.

П Membership. Communications of object with other objects of a tree are the most important type of information provided by properties. Groups of objects, for example, contain the list of the members, and actually all objects include the list of users possessing access rights to them.


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